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Care Konnect has been tailored in experience to the user whether you are a care recipient, family member, friend, service operator or carer. We have worked to create a platform which best suits you by working with different families, carers and service providers who all face similar issues around communication on a day to day.

To understand how to solve these problems we began our lengthy research and development process where we identified key features and functionalities that suited all users. This began as a journey to solve our own problems only to realise this was an issue faced by every family and service provider we spoke with, everyone has their story, so we listened to create CARE Konnect.

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  • Newsfeed - Public

    The Service Provider can push newsfeed posts.
  • Survey Tool

    Push surveys to CARE recipients, family’s members and staff.
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In the meantime, you can konnect with us via our contact details below