Care Konnect is giving you as the Service Provider and Carer a platform to build stronger relationship with your Care recipients and their families. Care Konnect removes the need for email, text messages and phone calls giving you the opportunity to share the highlights and positive day to days of healthy ageing all on one platform in real time.

Care Konnect has been tailored in user experience, we have worked with numbers of service providers and carers across Australia to create a unique but familiar app that anyone can use. Aiming to produce a tool which empowers users to save time, create more transparency and Konnect people like never before.

  • Newsfeed - Public

    The Service Provider can push newsfeed posts.
  • Web portal

    Manage all staff, CARE recipients and family user profiles. Invite, list, add, delete, activate, family map.
  • Survey Tool

    Push surveys to CARE recipients, family’s members and staff.
  • Analytics

    Dashboard providing all survey data, ratings & feedback, all user activity and profile information.

Why we built an app for Aged Care to solve our family problem

With the passing of a grandparent or the declining health of another loved one, a family that lives all around the world may find communication difficult (although not impossible). But what would you do if the person you were trying… Read More

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Too many communication platforms & not enough communication

The 2017 Aged Care Complaints Commissioner national quarterly ranked “lack of consultation and communication” as the 4th biggest issue with respect to complaints in aged care Australia wide. A common story of a 2 or more day wait from a… Read More

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