Too many communication platforms & not enough communication

The 2017 Aged Care Complaints Commissioner national quarterly ranked “lack of consultation and communication” as the 4th biggest issue with respect to complaints in aged care Australia wide.

A common story of a 2 or more day wait from a family member with a person in care …….
“I send an email about my loved one on a Monday only to get a response later in the day which I follow up with a phone call but the person I called doesn’t answer so I leave a voicemail and they respond with a text to call back but I am now busy, this call is now followed up by another email… It’s now 12 hours later and I still haven’t received an update about the health of my loved one, their day or managed direct contact with a staff member of my choice”…

…. A total 10 efforts of communication

So why in 2018 with the likes of so many different communication tools and systems can an industry like aged care still not get it right?

Well the answer is simple.

Communication and social media platforms are not targeted or specific to the user experience or interactions that take place in aged care.  In fact, they are just platforms, generalised systems made for a large audience with various objectives and different interactions.

They are not realistic to the interactions of a service provider and care staff working with a care recipient and their family. These platforms do not have systems to allow staff to jump in and out of family networks, get feedback on their services and share those special moments from day to day with family whilst they can’t always be there.

Communication is the 4th largest issue following medication administration, falls prevention/post management, personal and oral hygiene, but wouldn’t you say all of these issues start with communication too?

It seems like there are too many communication platforms and not enough communication.

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