Our Story

As our parents age and our lives become busier it is often hard to stay connected.

Whether the older person lives in the community, retirement living or residential care – keeping the family connected is essential to the health and well-being of the older person and sustaining the family ties.

Initially, Care Konnect was created to connect our family around my father. Today, it is connecting many older people with their family, friends and service providers.

Real-time feed so we all stay informed, involved and connected.



To provide older vulnerable people with social connection supporting their independence


To Konnect people like never before


Promoting independence for older people

Promoting social connectedness and customer engagement

Promoting high quality measurable care

CARE Konnect Team

Sean Grealy

Founder & CEO

Sean is known for his highly creative and consumer value driven attitude. Sean has worked with early stage startups around the world including Australia, France, Israel and America. Sean has brought to market two mobile apps, Care Konnect and Recipieze (playt.com).

Sean is the South Australian Young Achiever of the year 2019, recognised for his work founding Care Konnect and leadership in the start up community.

Paul Crosby

Chief Technology Officer

Paul is a technical architect with significant experience in the design, development and delivery of software solutions.
Paul has experience in fast paced startups as well as medium and large enterprises. He most recently worked as an Enterprise Architect within the aged care industry.

Dr Mike Rungie

Aged Care Expert Advisor

Mike is a highlight experienced Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the longevity sector. Skilled in Nonprofit Organisations, Narrative, Benefit and Performance Improvement, Strategic Opportunity, Ageing-well Ecosystem construction and Business Operations. Current involvements include:

  • Global Centre for Modern Ageing
  • Aged Care Financing Authority
  • Every Age Counts
  • Longevity 4.0


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In the meantime, you can konnect with us via our contact details below